This is an unconnected page about Amman and its archaeological and religious treasures, I have written and researched about 2000 words in historical information for the city of Amman and its sites.

The following Locations are represented in the below gallery:

  • Amman Citadel, Roman Theatre & Nymphamium.
  • Ain Al-Ghazal  bronze age site.
  • Sweifiyeh Byzantine Church 
  • Yajouz Byzentine Town
  • Ottoman Railway at Mahatta and Jiza
  • Umayyad Palaces of Mushatta and Qastal
  • Cave of the seven Sleepers and the Byzantine graveyard surrounding it 
  • Two Roman Mausuleums 
  • Companions of the Prophet Muhammad, Bilal Bin Rabah and Abdel Rahman Bin Awf.